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Since 1970, ground penetrating radar (GPR) has been widely used in the geological and archaeological industries. Today we are able to utilize the most advanced and versatile technology.
Concrete Scanning & Imaging (CSI) utilizes 1600 MHz and 2600 MHz shielded antennas. New integrated Electromagnetic detection systems (EM) enable us to accurately map live cables to avoid possible hazards or costly repairs.

Concrete Scanning & Imaging (CSI) advanced systems coupled with highly experienced operators result in precise location, depth and identification of materials embedded in concrete structures. Real time results allow us to identify potential problems on-site and work with our customers to provide a working solution before leaving the site.

  • Condition Assessment – Map Concrete Condition for Rehab

  • Determine Size & Precise Location of Reinforcement within Concrete

  • Identify Voids in or Behind Concrete

  • Locating Post Tension Cables (Vertical And Horizontal)

  • Radiant Floor Heating/Glychol Lines

  • Structural Inspection - Bridges, Towers, Balconies, Tunnels, Columns, Slabs & Monuments

For more information about our process, feel free to give us a call!



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